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Yo, call me Kaiju or just KM if you want.  I'm not going to say much here, but that this is probably going to be the place I put all my colored ABDL commissions/gift art.  Largely because my other accounts are decidedly Non-ABDL.

I'm a pretty easy-going guy, and I like to make new friends (silly as that might sound when spoken out loud).  If you'd like to get to know me, drop me a note and maybe we can arrange a chat sometime.

Also, though I post ABDL Stuff here, I myself am not into the idea of engaging in real life. Fictional stuff is one thing, Real is another.  I'd prefer to keep the two separate. So no, I'm not into getting in diapers and babyish things IRL. 

My icon was created by the ever lovely Wen!


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I'm considering uploading a bunch of my ABDL Stuff (Human or otherwise) here, and just making this account an All ABDL account, unlike FA and DA. What do you guys think?
03/09/2015 12:53


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Carella Asteria

07/07/2016 05:27

Bonnie Shepard

07/07/2016 05:27


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