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 This is part of a Stream I got from Tato a week or so back.  Basically what's happened here is Nyuu Mew Kurogawa found herself landed in a dimension/world of Babyfurs (Who are, yes, fully autonomous and don't actually need adults to care for them).  They only have one real law:  No Adults Allowed.  So when Nyuu was caught by a trio of these Babyfurs, they decided her 'punishment' was to be dressed up like a baby, and put in one of their nurseries.

They said 'no adults allowed', not 'adults can't be babies too'. XD

Nyuu Mew Kurogawa belongs to my friend, DemonNyuu.  Character used with permission. Her page are: nyuumew.deviantart.com  and  www.furaffinity.net/user/demonnyuu

The Peppermint-swirl lamb girl, Pepper-Anne, belongs to me.

The other two babyfurs, currently, belong to Tato.  They're adoptables that she has which are still available, and you can find them on her FA Page: www.furaffinity/user/tato

You can get an Hourly stream from Tato!  Just refer to these pages in regards to them:

Sadly, FA is down. Again.  Will update this description with proper links once it's back up!

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