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 A commission I received from Tato. :3

The basic scenario is that my Human woman, Carella Asteria (The smaller one with the brown hair and pink dress) has happened upon a Giantess's home when trying to escape a bad oncoming storm.  The Giantess, Rosettia, graciously allowed Carella into her home.  However, due to her size, Rosettia does not have any clothes that would fit the smaller woman... except for a wide selection of diapers and baby clothes.

So Rosettia set up a little scenario for them.  Without much word to Carella herself, she got the young woman changed into diapers and a cute dress (much to Carella's surprise and her great dismay), and decided to just simply keep Carella in her nursery, and baby her for the entirety of her stay.

Needless to say, Carella can't really leave at this point.  But at least she's in loving hands!

Rosettia, the Giantess of thic picture, belongs to my great friend AD-SD-Chibigirl:  ad-sd-chibigirl.deviantart.com  and  www.furaffinity.net/user/ad-sd-chibigirl

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