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Okay SO!  This one is actually based on a pic that I absolutely loved by RFSwitched, over on DeviantArt.   http://rfswitched.deviantart.com/art/Care-Conveyor-ABDL-196051969

Does that make me unoriginal?  Sure, why not.  But I liked the idea a lot, and had fun getting this done. 

Not much to say here, honestly.  Carella just somehow found herself in Care Bear land.  Now she's been mistaken for a big baby by the special changing conveyor they have in the Nursery.  How will she get out of this?  She'll figure it out... Will she be able to get her clothes back?

...... Probably not. [emot=43]

Carella Asteria belongs to Me.

Artwork by Tato. https://www.furiffic.com/tato

Idea by RFSwitched. 

rowdawg69 ยท 11 months ago

i would have hoped on by "mistake"

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