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 Yet another commission from Tato that I got sometime back!

This one specifically sees that Mina (to the left) and Reina (to the right) have had to ask Mama Moo for some shelter from an oncoming storm.  As per Mama Moo's preferred methods of hospitality, she didn't hesitate to bring the two in.  In short order, she had them stripped, given a bath, and put them in some soft and cute baby clothes and diapers.  At this point, she's left them in a Nursery to play while she gets them something to eat. 

Neither Mina nor Reina saw any of this coming, and yet did little to stop it.  Now they're just sitting there, wondering how the heck this even happened.

Reina Leingod and Mina belong to Me.  Mina was originally created by Lucid Dakou on DA.

Artwork by the always super friendly Tato!  www.furiffic.com/tato

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