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 Here's an adorable commission I got from the always sweet Strawb-Ellie, featuring some cute characters created by my friend Heckfire.

The basic scenario is that these three girls (In order from Left to Right) Kanan, Shuko, and Junrei, have gotten lost in the forest while playing Hide and Seek.  After exploring for awhile, the three stumbled upon a house in the middle of a clearing, and decided to see if there was someone worth pulling a prank on in there.  They'd managed to set up a prank, but unfortunately, they ended up caught in it, and got quite dirty as a result... and spotted by the owner of the place.  The lady living there decided to take the three in, giving them each a bath, and dressing them up in some new diapers and baby clothes fitting for the three.  Partly as hospitality, partly as punishment for trying to pull such a stunt.

None of them are too thrilled about this, at all.  Although Junrei doesn't seem to mind AS much as her sisters do...

Kanan, Shuko and Junrei all belong to my friend Heckfire on FA ( www.furaffinity.net/user/heckfire ) and DA ( heckfire.deviantart.com ). 

Artwork by the ever adorable Strawb-Ellie!  strawb-ellie.deviantart.com

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