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 A Super adorable commission I got from Strawb-Ellie!

Sort of tying into the previous pic of these two that I posted, Rosettia is now getting Carella changed into proper attire for her stay.  Carella herself is.... less than enthusiastic about it.  Actually, she's highly embarrassed.  Rosettia isn't deterred though, and just sweetly tells Carella what she's doing for her... while driving it home that she intends to baby the human.

Carella's in for a long stay!

Carella Asteria belongs to me.

Rosettia belongs to my friend AD-SD-Chibigirl on DA ( ad-sd-chibigirl.deviantart.com ) and FA ( www.furaffinity.net/user/ad-sd-chibigirl ).

Artwork by Strawb-Ellie on DA (strawb-ellie.deviantart.com) and FA (www.furaffinity.net/user/strawbellie )

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