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 This was something I'd gotten from Carotte awhile ago... back in... 2013, I think. I actually got this a little cheaper than normal, because originally this was only going to be a sketch, until it got accepted by The Cushy Pen, and they only allow colored pics... so it got finished anyway.

The basic gist of the scenario is that somehow, my lovely muse Carella had stumbled upon a strange old home in the middle of the woods.  While exploring what she could, she ran across Carotte's character, the Diaper Fairy (you only see her wand here).  She tried to get out quickly, once the fairy told her what she was going to do, but unfortunately, the doors had already locked.  Pictured is Carella as she's being hit by the Fairy's magic and changed.

Will she get out?  Knowing me.... Maybe!

Carella Asteria belongs to me.

The Diaper Fairy belongs to Carotte, artwork is also by Carotte. He's on DA ( the-padded-room.deviantart.com ) and FA ( www.furaffinity.net/user/carotte666 ).  He's also on The Cushy Pen.

Picture itself is a part of the gallery on The Cushy Pen.  www.cushypen.com  Please, give the site some love!  Plenty of great artists are there, such as KK-Bunny, Moophins, MifMaf (site owner), Carotte (Obviously), and many others!

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