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Well now, it seems Leona's gotten herself into a bit of trouble again.  This time, she's found a place that's actually inhabited... by living dolls.

Fortunately for her, the dolls aren't bad or mean in any way.  Unfortunately for her, they also look at things in reverse.  The daycare she's in is for the Dolls, and is looked after by an Adult-sized doll or two.  They look at cute people like Leona as the dolls instead.  So this doll decided to share its outfit with Leona, so she's properly dressed!  Cue a flash or poof of magic, and Leona's now wearing the doll's outfit, much to her surprise!

Luckily for her, all they want to do is play.  Although it's not known how long she'll be there... likely not forever though.

Leona belongs to Me, and was designed by Tato.

Artwork also by Tato.  ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tato )  She's currently open for Hourly Streams, and does a regular commission stream every Friday!  Give her a look!

Paid commission.

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