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Here are some brand new doodles for some of the kaijin that work for SHADOW from the Seigi no Senshi Captain-Japan universe. I've decided to split them into two main sub-groups, the mass-produced SHADOW-Kaijin (foot-soldiers and the elite-soldiers) and the basic unique SHADOW-Kaijin (monsters of the week).

Mass-Produced SHADOW-Kaijin:
Raptors ラプター: These are the lowest of SHADOW's minions, these mutant lizard/spider hybrids come in two kinds, ones with sickle blades and ones with claws. They can also spit webs at their opponents and hunt in packs
Cyber-Giants サイバー・ジャイアント: These are giant mass-produced humanoid monsters with massive strength. These were created to cause massive chaos to cities.
Spider-Bats スパイダー・バット: These spider/bat hybrid SHADOW-Kaijin as more stronger then the Raptors and are basically the leaders of the Raptor-packs.

Unique SHADOW-Kaijin:
Drill-Shadow ドリル・シャドー: An insectoid-looking SHADOW-Kaijin with razor-sharp drills over his body.
Raptor-Virus ラプター・バイアルス: This was just a normal Raptor grunt that was infected with a bio-engineered virus with venomous retractable talons.
TrafficAmp-Shadow トラフィキャンプ・シャドー: This robot SHADOW-Kaijin is a mix of an amp-system and a traffic-light. He can use sonic-waves to attack his opponents and can use control people's minds with his traffic-lights.
Ribs-Shadow リブズ・シャドー: This human rib-based SHADOW-Kaijin that absorbs the bio energy from his victims by touch and fires black-lightning bolts from his eyes.

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