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Here is a rough doodle of a new monster I designed just for the hell of it. I got the idea for this monster from Typhonis from the Mighty-Morphin Power-Rangers Boom!! Comics series.

MonsterZord Venjix: モンスターゾード・ベンジックス
A new incarnation of the living Venjix-Virus that has created a new monster body for itself out of old Zord & monster-robot parts. It's body is composed of the head of General-Venjix, the head, torso and thighs of the original Megazord, the White-Tigerzord's shoulders, the Red-Battlezord's feet and Hornitor's clawed hand and stinger. Until normal Zords, This monster is capable of independent thought thanks to the Venjix-Virus' A.I.

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