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From Ultraman Leo.

Nova: ノーバ
Nova was one of the last few Flying Saucer Monsters left from Black Directive. He landed on Earth in a park, and quickly transformed into a small white Teru Teru Bozu. An angry Tooru Uemuda soon came across the small Nova, and told him that he wanted it to rain. Tooru hung Nova up on a tree, and left him there when Gen Ohtori found him. Later that night, a drunk man came by and began hitting Nova. Nova turned red, and sprayed the man with gas, making him go crazy. The next day was sunny, so Tooru came back to the Teru Teru Bozu to cut off its head. He was surprised it turned red, but still tired to cut its head off. After Nova avoided the scissors, it suddenly grew a bit larger and wrapped itself around Tooru's neck. Nova told Tooru he would let him see his Mother, Father, and Sister again, and had him walk around town while spraying gas on people. Police soon cornered Tooru and were about to shoot him, but soon Gen and his caretaker arrived to stop them. Nova began to choke Tooru, but Gen knocked it off. Nova then grew giant and began attacking the city. Nova destroyed many tanks and planes, and began spraying poison gas everywhere. Gen transformed into Ultraman Leo, and began fighting him. While a challenge at first, Leo caused the poison gas to disappear, allowing Leo to fight Nova unhindered. Leo fished Nova off with a Leo kick, and all the crazed towns people returned to normal.

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