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I have little idea what to put here other than I'm new-ish to the furry fandom and that I'm looking for new friends and possibly a new outlet. If you want to play games or something hit me up.


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Introductions! I'm not sure if I should just change the info on the profile or just put this here. Probably both but I'm kinda running on time so I'll do this first. The name's Kaiser, not really a creator (maybe a bit of writing) but was hoping to maybe get into a RP or something. One of the ve...
04/12/2016 11:15


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Nicknames Iggi, Dad
Green Iguana, 1.8 meter tall, 73 Kilograms. Intimidating but Actually pretty nice. Little intense...
10 months ago


Male · Dog · Aquarius
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Weimaraner, Green eyes, 6'2", Grey fur, Green eyes, Rat tail. Slightly moody attitude till you gi...
17/12/2016 14:35


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SilasBlackwing posted to Kaiser

8 months ago

Thanks for the love!

AcidChu posted to Kaiser

9 months ago

thnx 4 faving

Drezulie posted to Kaiser

10 months ago

Thanks for the fav!

Kaiser · 10 months ago

Your welcome bro. Keep up the good work.

Awkward Doggo posted to Kaiser

18/09/2018 19:17

TY for the fave!

AshitakaWolf posted to Kaiser

29/07/2018 22:13

Thanks for faving! :D

Cinnabat posted to Kaiser

13/07/2018 16:59

Thanks for the favorites Tazos ♥

Kaiser · 13/07/2018 18:00

Np cinnamon. Keep up the good work :)

Snack posted to Kaiser

05/06/2018 08:00

thanks for the follow

Zapher posted to Kaiser

03/06/2018 20:54

Thanks for following!

Rain posted to Kaiser

28/05/2018 13:24

Thank you kindly for the fav. ^__^

AshitakaWolf posted to Kaiser

27/05/2018 18:59

Thanks again! ♥

Ancient Wolf posted to Kaiser

29/04/2018 17:27

Thanks for the fave on Lt. (j.g.) Shauna Eriksson - Color Portrait! ^.^

AshitakaWolf posted to Kaiser

25/04/2018 23:44

Thanks for faving!  More artwork inbound! ♥

AshitakaWolf · 14/05/2018 00:48

Thanks for another fave! ♥

Foxy Flapper posted to Kaiser

18/04/2018 20:43

Thanks for the fave!

Kaiser · 18/04/2018 20:45

Thanks for the interesting art. I love the styles ^_^

Foxy Flapper · 18/04/2018 20:45

aww thank you!

SilasBlackwing posted to Kaiser

18/04/2018 14:17

Thanks for the love!

AshitakaWolf posted to Kaiser

16/04/2018 04:27

Thanks for another fave! :)

Kaiser · 16/04/2018 04:31

Thanks for another good art! ^_^

Chrymzonfang posted to Kaiser

15/04/2018 08:00

Thank you.

I don't draw enough art that's related to this site, but there will be more.

Kaiser · 15/04/2018 08:11


Thank you.

AshitakaWolf posted to Kaiser

15/03/2018 14:12

Thanks once again for faving! :D

AshitakaWolf · 28/03/2018 01:07

Thanks again! ;)

RomeoTheFox posted to Kaiser

13/03/2018 19:18

Thanks for the favorite :3

Nahojshi posted to Kaiser

02/03/2018 21:05

Goodness, your icon makes me all kinds of self-conscious about my *unfinished* artwork lol

I can't not picture you staring into my soul. :P

Thanks for the favs btw

Kaiser · 02/03/2018 21:08

You know I've gotten that so many times and I love it.

Kaiser · 02/03/2018 21:09

I started into all your souls. Silently judging. Muhahahahah

Schadenfreude posted to Kaiser

27/02/2018 21:22

Thank you for the faves!

Andi Denise posted to Kaiser

23/02/2018 19:54

Thanks for the favorites!!!!!!

Kaiser · 23/02/2018 21:24

No problem ^_^ thank you actually

AshitakaWolf posted to Kaiser

20/02/2018 18:06

Thanks for another fave! ;)

Kaiser · 20/02/2018 20:02 · 1 Reply

No problem ;) love me some art.

Kaiser · 20/02/2018 20:02

*poses dramatically*

Drift posted to Kaiser

17/02/2018 05:16

Hey there! Just thought I'd thank you for your repeated support! Thanks for all the faves and whatnot :333 Much appreciated!

AshitakaWolf posted to Kaiser

15/02/2018 13:36

Thanks for another fave! ♥

Kaiser · 15/02/2018 13:39

No. There's another subscribe to top it off lol

AshitakaWolf · 15/02/2018 13:41

Chrymzonfang posted to Kaiser

10/02/2018 10:57

Thank you :3

AshitakaWolf posted to Kaiser

15/01/2018 18:07

Thanks for the fav! ♥

AshitakaWolf · 02/02/2018 22:25

Thanks again! ;)

Exindiv posted to Kaiser

05/01/2018 15:00

Thank you for the faves. Your icon is freaking me out with its stare... it's very intense.

Kaiser · 06/01/2018 03:38

It never stops. The intensity once bore a hole threw a wall.

(Thanks for the cool art)

Madame Sparx posted to Kaiser

28/12/2017 15:16

Thank you for the favorites, and subscribing! It's very appreciated! 

Kaiser · 28/12/2017 16:00 · 1 Reply

Don't mention it. I like how there's variety and style. Thank for taking the time to do this stuff ^_^

Madame Sparx · 28/12/2017 16:31

Awww, thank you! ♥ And it's not a problem at all.

Sora no Tamashii posted to Kaiser

11/12/2017 23:06

thanks for faving :3

Shukin posted to Kaiser

08/12/2017 20:29

Thank you so much for your favorite! You might want to check my gallery, maybe you'll find something else you enjoy! Have a nice day!

Kaiser · 08/12/2017 20:31

Maybe lol

Have a nice day mate!

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