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 Felix grew up like an average middle child of eight. Being mostly ignored by his parents, bullied by older siblings and seeing his younger siblings get the special treatment. So as all middle children do, he decided that he would earn the respect of his family and finally get noticed and the respect he deserved.
And, like most others, failed spectacularly.

 Even with great grades, decent athletic performances and staying out of trouble, he didn't receive any notice. The opposite was what happened. So, after graduating his High School, he went into the workforce to find his own way, figuring since none of his accomplishments at education had gotten him anywhere so far, might as well not waste even more time. He quickly learned that most jobs were even worse than schooling, finding himself at the bottom of a food chain and with being a rat, always seen as the one who must have done something wrong. This lead to an even less successful career life.

 Felix, finding himself with no higher education and no job, quickly picked up a life of crime. And unlike his previous attempts, he started to make a name of himself. Starting relatively small and pick pocketing the local tourists or absent minded businessmen, he found himself earning a decent living. He later started even stealing from trucks and semis, earning himself enough goods to start catching the eye of a local crime lord. The crime lord, finding a young and talented urchin on the street, decided to bring him into his ring of several others. They did some minor jobs around his city and for a bit, life was good.

 After a year, an opening as the right hand man came up in the crime ring after an unfortunate accident with the previous holder of said title. Felix and another, newer member were the top candidates. Felix took a pretty risky job to show that he was up for the task. The job went south, leaving him with a broken hand, a slightly severed tail and having to off a traitor who was bought out by another. Yet he still was able to complete the job.

 Felix figured he'd be coming home to welcoming hands and a new promotion. When he arrived to their compound, he was greeted with the other candidate's victory celebration after he had paid the boss a sum of money. When Felix tried to argue, the boss sent him away. Later, he was kicked from the crew after learning of the killing of the traitor since they had no proof of his crimes Felix was spared only because of his loyalty and hard work over the previous year.

 Felix learned two important lessons from this; hard work doesn't always get you want, smart work does. And that small crime wasn't worth the money.

 After using some of his saved up money to fix his hand from a street surgeon, Felix decided to become a bodyguard to a local kingpin. Using his small fame, he quickly landed the job and disappeared into another criminal underworld...

 ... or at least that's how it seemed. That was three years ago and recently there's been a string of hits on gangs and public figures alike. And the only figure linking these killings is a Rat that goes by the name "Mr. Grey".

Favourite Color


Currently no official work but still funds his life with "Odd Jobs". Usually as a handyman or butler, depending on the boss' job.

Extra Details

Wears Square rimmed glasses.


57Kg ยท 8 Stone, 13.66 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

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Lanky yet fit

Extra Attributes

Slight carpal tunnel in left hand, chooses glasses over contacts, eyes tend to dart over the place even when conversation and the tip of his tail is slightly severed.

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Fairly large and well groomed rat fur. Usually wearing something along the lines of casual business unless at job upon which is always a suit.

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Open to role-playing

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Any type of adventure. Will modify if helps with RP.