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Slipe had the normal childhood we have all come to expect. Divorcing parents, boring school life, the changing modern world and a few friends to help make it all better.

When he was younger, he was never really a rebel, preferring to stick to the backstage of life and instead focus on the here and now but not cause trouble for those around him. He was the support of the groups he was in and earned the nickname 'Dad' for it. Or 'Iggy' by most girls to his extreme annoyance. 
This wasn't to say he was calm and collected, he was just as brash as any teenager. In some cases, it made him much worse than the rebels.
Though through all of this, he was a very opinionated person. Something he used to make small opinion pages and videos on the internet. And with this, his more raw nature would come out. While in public, he was a calm and collected person, with friends this goes out the window. Becoming very animated and boisterous, laughing heartily and cursing with no filter. Made him a small but devoted following and interacts with them as much as possible, just like his friends.
Now in his mid 20's, he's still the support for many people. Though now it's less for a small group and more for his community. He's always helping people when he can and now that he's able to work he does so.

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Currently survives by several odd jobs ranging from being an online video maker to helping out at local charities and churches. Never holds a job too long but is always available for odd job work.


1.8 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.86 Inches


73Kg · 11 Stone, 6.93 Pound

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Green Iguana, 1.8 meter tall, 73 Kilograms.
Intimidating but Actually pretty nice. Little intense at times when enjoys something but relatively calm otherwise.

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