Kaitio the Tiger is feeling Indifferent
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Yes, hello. I am Kaitio. If you're reading this, then you probably know me already.
If not, then congrats for reading a profile, I guess.

Race: Royal White Bengal Tiger

Occupation/class: Self-Proclaimed Wrenchlord.

Physical Appearance: Quite small, stands at about five foot five, or five foot nine with his boots. Fairly average around the middle, not too much sign of muscle. Right arm, shoulder and upper-right-torso covered in gold and black metal, with some green digital patterns upon the biceps. Few spikes here and there, some covering his shoulder. Left face mostly covered in gold metal, as well as a mechanical ear. Ref at the bottom.

Age: 22

How old they appear: Late-teens

Eye Colour: Right eye lime, left eye blue with lime pupil.

Hair colour length and style: Long golden hair, covers most of his spine. Usually tied up in a ponytail or braided if somebody decides to do that. Mostly stuffed away in his hood.

Weight: 388.8lbs - Sometimes varies.

Type of body (build): Average.

Fur tone and type: Pure white, jet black stripes.

Distinguishing marks: Metal faceplate, mechanical eye. 

History: You don't need to know that.


Engineering, wrenching, fighting, making fun of people, kaiting around, occasional cooking, throwing things, gaming, slacking, getting into trouble and generally slapping people around. Slight Lucienism too.

Not exactly the most approachable of people, Kaitio is more of a lurking guy than some kind of a social butterfly. He can be friendly on occasion, of course, but will never really open up until comfortable in doing so. Where he may be rather stubborn or reluctant in doing things, he has been known to eventually warm up to following orders, but completing them by his own means.
Most likely accompanied by his [Kaitastic Gearsbreaker], the tiger prefers to get things done in his own time, being a fairly lazy cat unless given a good reason. Assuming you decide to get to know the feline a little better (and survive in doing so), you'll most likely find someone who is actually an okay guy, as well as him taking loyalty seriously.


[02:52:00](>) Mikrae: Kaitio: You're so cute when you're a whirling storm of hatred. 

fucking furries so dumb

Kaitio spins the bottle, it spins and spins around, and ends up pointing at Kaitio

Kaitio spins the bottle, it spins and spins around, and ends up pointing at Kaitio

Kaitio spins the bottle, it spins and spins around, and ends up pointing at Kaitio
much loser

: Celzic rolled the dice 1d20. Dice Roll Result: 1
07:37: Celzic: YOU FUCKING WHAT
07:37: Kaitio: rekt
07:37: Celzic: I'd like to see you roll better Kait
: Kaitio rolled the dice 1d20. Dice Roll Result: 20
07:37: Kaitio: bam
07:37: Celzic: You diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

17:49 Kaitio chucks a boomerang at Markus
Markus rolls to catch it.
Markus rolled the dice 1d20. Dice Roll Result: 1
Markus: ...
Kaitio: This went better than expected

Ria Pinch: I hate the spinbottle command, it's so useless.
Kaitio spins the bottle, it spins and spins around, and ends up pointing at Ria Pinch
Kaitio: You're right
Ria Pinch: x3
Runakei: That was beautiful, Kait.



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I lost.

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