Kaltt Deelohial the Lynx is feeling Loved
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Hey! I'm Kaltt, a pround artist i can say. I like to be ever improving so you will see a different syle in each draw i do! If you like it comment it, if not tell me too!

⌠ Lynxon (Lion/Linx) │ Lvl. 18 │ Artist │ Bisexual ⌡

Arround here you will find art of my sona (Kaltt :D), friends draws, art trades, raffles, gifts, gifs and NSFW (censored, have to dowload).

Commissions: No, my country has a minumun of 50% in taxes to sell out of here so nevermind.
Trades: Sure! I love them.
Collabs: Ever are interesting, i do.
Requests: Feel free to ask, you should recibe a "Yes" or "Wait, i'm full".
Raffles: Yup, why a raffle if you accept request? A raffle has no limit! Any style, any content, whatever you want.

Use of my oc character?
Feel free tell me to see the results pleaseee but just dont bleeding, bodily waste, injuries, fatal, lessions in general and pedophilia.

Actual nicknames, the neverend list:
Kaltt, Gruner, Kalth, Kalditto, Kaldo, Minino, Sileo, Peludo, Peludowo, Fullo, Poio...
I asure there will be more!


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kaltt deelohial

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