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Born in the high area of the Fuji mountain Masazane was born of the element Ice. It was only a short time before he and his family were separated. Traveling down the mountain in search of his family Masazane only became more lost. Having to survive on his own he had to learn many things his parents would have taught him. Learning how to fly was his most difficule problem. As years went by he met up with Shinrin Akagane and learned what it is like to live as a DracoKai and was able to accept who he really was. It was then that Masazane moved close to a city. The lord of that area wished for him to protect their most beloved temple that held a great power within it that kept the land around them alive.

Masazane happily accepted his new role and has been there from then on. Growing larger with each year Masazane became very attached to the temple and started to live within it. The source of the power feeding his key energy to grow stronger, each time his key and the power grow close, his key would glow brightly as it gained more energy. Knowing with time that the humans would die he did not get close to them in fear of hurting for a long time of loosing someone who is close to him. Keeps to himself, normally hidden away from all eyes. Stares at the stars and moon each night as he sings softly. Enjoys flying in the night, day time is when he hides within the deep forest or his temple home.



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Protecting a Shrine

Extra Details

Piercings: one on left ear where key goes.

Voice: https://youtu.be/Dt_Q190fM4w [Adult]

Abilities: control over ice, able to make it snow and flurry, able to breath a mist like substance but when it touched something it would start to freeze it, when he gets angry frost and ice start forming around his paws

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdACjPuDVEQ

Accessories: Key, chain necklace


3.65 Meters ยท 11 Feet, 11.7 Inches

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Extra Attributes

Personality: Masazane is a rather shy being for his class of dracokai around new humans. Becoming out-going around those who get close to him as friends/family. He can get rather aggressive when threatened. When something catches his eyes he becomes very curious to see if it is of value to him. He will always be faithful to his friends and family.

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Masazane is in the class of DracoKai known as the Key Bearer. These Dracokai that bear keys often are protecting a treasure or power. They are often entrusted by humans to guard temples, rooms and other various treasures. They also defend their own sorts of treasures. Key bearers will ALWAYS have a key visible on them. They tend to hoard the most out of all the DracoKai types.

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