Kara-Chan the Eastern dragon is feeling Depressed
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[i]Evening there, our body name is Kuri. We are a multi-system of the group of sword spirits called the Dategumi. Our system name is Dategumi Blades and our names out Ookurikara, Shokudaikiri, Tsurumaru and Taikogane. We enjoy many things including Kendo, horse back riding, writing, reading, roleplaying, video games and drawing. We are rather friendly, open minded and neutral when it comes to many things but can get rather rude at times for it is just how we are sometimes. Don’t take offense to it.

This is our furiffic account that will hold characters that belong to us as well as personal commissioned work. Feel free to check out our OCs and Fursonas. Gift art is very welcome if you wish to draw our characters but please if it is Mature contact us first. Do not be scared to come ask us questions. We are very open to answering them.

We would also like to mention that we also have phantom limbs. A phantom limb is a term that covers any body part one feels that isn’t physically there, whether it has once existed there or not. Basically we have horns, tails and whiskers of a Eastern Dragon and can feel them as if they were still there upon our body.

We do hope you enjoy your stay on our profile. Do not be scared to come ask us questions. We are very open to answering them. We are a asexual demi-romatic polyamorus being in an open relation ship with our beloved Genet therian Maxy and we love him very much. We take pride in who we are and will take shit from no one. Refrain from rude remarks to our fictionkin status and we wont have a problem.

We have a lot of problems we are dealing with at this point in time including depression, anxiety and many other health problems, we ask that you give us time to reply to you within a reasonable manner.


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23/06/2017 09:03


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23/06/2017 09:02


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Kara-Chan posted

23/06/2017 09:14

Been working on Characters as well as uploading photos. We need to be going to bed so our head stops hurting. Will update everything when we get back on.