Karouselle the Red Panda is feeling Hungry
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Hi there, I'm Karouselle.
My sona is a Red Panda, and I'm very friendly.
However, friendly does not mean that I give hand outs, put up with crap,  or feel bad for sob stories. 
It means I'm nice enough to just block you instead of causing drama if you annoy me.
That said, I love to meet new people- but I'm not much for pms. I'm very to the point. I'm more likely to chat on journals, forums, threads, etc. and if I wanna talk more I'll give you my contact information. Do not ask for my contact info. 

You've probably noticed that much of this message is color coded. 
It's for emphasis. Note the emphasis. 
Don't be a creeper. 

Contrary to how I may come off, I'm always willing to help those who need it and are willing to help themselves. 

Commissions: OPEN
Trades:[color=#339966] OPEN (but I'm picky)

Free Art: NEVER. 


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Glad to be here!

New site? Time to explore. I'm very happy to be here. How is everyone? C: Also, i'm running a sale. Just some fun info for you. Check out my page for info.
01/08/2015 03:23