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Karpish McKarp

Max McGuirk

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The Mediator 




Role Playing, Video Games, Anime, Pokemon, Cartoons, Card Games (on motorcycles) 


Traditional art, Writing, Editing, Role Playing, Character Creation/Bio Making, Memorizing movie quotes and obscure song lyrics but not remember when he had lunch


Pasta, Magikarp, HufflePuff, Team Instinct, Cowboy Bebop; Knocking on heaven's door, Osomatsu-San, Lord of the Rings, Tweek from South Park, Cats, CampCamp, Parks and Recreation, Halfling Bards, Call of Cthulhu 

"You know what they say... Better a dollar in the pocket than a dollar up the ass."

-Karpish McKarp


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https://www.furiffic.com/KarpusMaximus/view/123595 {/KarpusMaximus/view/123595?search=Lbfas5HKvnOpTkfEcrBeb672vaQ~0} *points to link* Eh? Ehhhhhhh?? =3
6 days ago

Frick 2017 in the ear with an arse

Holy cats this year has made just about as much sense as that title. From confusing and bad relationships to changes in my psyche/needs to changes in my diet and weight... Then you have all the crud happening around the world. Bombs are flying, people are dying, etc etc. One of the only positive ...
1 month ago


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Fenli Liets

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Syria Carys Sirlay

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TangentTheWolfy posted to Karpish

1 month ago

Wtf why werent you subbed before, you dingus dongus

Karpish · 1 month ago · 2 Replies

I wazzz! I just made this here account because... Well, I'm a dingus Dongus who likes to start things fresh rather than reorganize/revamp things.

TangentTheWolfy · 1 month ago

Jfc you are the digusest of donguses

Karpish · 1 month ago

Darn tootin'! And ya'll best represent! *gangster sign of some kind*