Karpish the Cabbit is feeling Contemplative
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

Karpish McKarp

28 y/o


Transgender (FtM)



The Mediator 


In an open relationship


Role Playing, Video Games, Anime, Pokemon, Cartoons, Card Games (on motorcycles) 


Traditional art, Writing, Editing, Role Playing, Character Creation/Bio Making, Memorizing movie quotes and obscure song lyrics but not remember when he had lunch


Pasta, Magikarp, HufflePuff, Team Instinct, Cowboy Bebop; Knocking on heaven's door, Osomatsu-San, Lord of the Rings, Tweek from South Park, Cats, CampCamp, Parks and Recreation, Halfling Bards, Call of Cthulhu 

"You know what they say... Better a dollar in the pocket than a dollar up the ass."

-Karpish McKarp


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Art spam!

Thanks for bearing with my wave of art this morning! I had fallen behind posting my original art and decided to post it in bulk. I'll try to post pictures right after I draw them from now on.
2 months ago


https://www.furiffic.com/KarpusMaximus/view/123595 {/KarpusMaximus/view/123595?search=Lbfas5HKvnOpTkfEcrBeb672vaQ~0} *points to link* Eh? Ehhhhhhh?? =3
3 months ago


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Karpish 2.0

1 month ago

Karpish McKarp

2 months ago


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Species: wolf
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Syria Carys Sirlay

Species: wolf
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Bran posted to Karpish

4 months ago

Wtf why werent you subbed before, you dingus dongus

Karpish · 4 months ago · 2 Replies

I wazzz! I just made this here account because... Well, I'm a dingus Dongus who likes to start things fresh rather than reorganize/revamp things.

Bran · 4 months ago

Jfc you are the digusest of donguses

Karpish · 4 months ago

Darn tootin'! And ya'll best represent! *gangster sign of some kind*