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Adin is a 17 year old who is a junior in high school. His dad and him got into a bad fight which caused him to run away. His mother was very worried and was driving around the town and asking people if they had seen him. It had started getting very cold and rainy because it was Autumn and it caused another driver to not be able to see very well and his mother was killed in a car accident. His father began to drink more often and was blaming him for his mothers death. Soon his father had started to constantly beat him for any little thing. Adin loved his dad and thought he was right about it being his fault so he is just trying to do his best to be the child his father always wanted.

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Adin is a Junior in highschool who has recently suffered a death in his family. The people at school often feel sorry for him as he is often all by himself. People do hang out with him and he has 'friends' but no one ever takes the time to talk to him.

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