Kayto_Krystal the Fennec fox is feeling Optimistic
Artist Type: Improving Artist

Pretty New to the furry fandom, ~ 1 year!

I'm always open to new friends

I always appreciate art critiques!

I RP sometimes, so if you want to, just ask!

Please direct any questions to my tumblr

Please don't:

~Ask for art

~Call mean comments critique

~Come to my page to hate


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~Finally~ posting again

I've been off for a while, it's been busy recently, but over the long while I was gone, I got a new drawing tablet and some new copic markers, so hopefully I'll be back drawing soon. I can't say how much I've missed being able to draw often. I'll try to get some good art up by next week or so. ~I...
22/10/2016 03:35

Heroes Con

Hey! so I'm going to NC heroes con on saturday and Im hoping I can meet some furs there, so if you're going let me know I'll be so happy to see some furs there ♥
15/06/2016 05:45


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Kayto Krystal

Female · Fennec fox · Pansexual · Sagittarius
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Nicknames KK, Krys
A Dark-colored fennec with a bright spirit that shines past her deep fur
18/03/2016 23:08


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Species: Alopekis
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Species: pegasus
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Little Mymy posted to Kayto_Krystal

14/06/2016 22:23

thanks for the sub and fave :DD

I lost. posted to Kayto_Krystal

10/06/2016 23:10

Thanks for the sub! x3 

Kayto_Krystal · 11/06/2016 01:28

Welcome :P

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Kayto_Krystal

30/05/2016 05:32

Thanks for the sub 

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