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Hey everyone!  I'm Keo and my partner is Witchkisses.  I take writing commissions.  Drawing has become a back-burner item due to my focus on the comic my partner and I are now producing.  I'll link a ref to my writing examples and I'll be adding more soon!  If you haven't already, check out Witchkisses and my website for our commission info!  Everyone have a great day!

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17/06/2018 22:25


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Keo posted

16/04/2018 22:39

My partner and I just posted the cover to our comic!  We hope everyone who gives it a read and sticks around for updates enjoys it!

Keo posted

06/12/2017 03:24

Hey everyone!  I just finished up the commission site for my partner and myself!  We are still updating the site and will be adding our content soon, but we have included our commission pricing as well as some information about ourselves.  Thank you to everyone willing to take a look!  Have a great day!