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A kermode bear who lives out in the woods, eats fish, scares Boy Scouts, and sleeps away a third of the year.


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chrismukkah posted to KermodeBear

09/09/2015 20:58

I guess my fame precedes itself :P

KermodeBear ยท 09/09/2015 22:58

Sure does! I follow you on FA, too. Just happened to see you pop up. (o:

KermodeBear posted

15/08/2015 15:35

Uploaded pictures of Live Nude Bears, only at Oswald's Bear Ranch!

It's tucked away in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and is home to about two dozen bears. It's a nice facility, and you can buy apples to throw to the bears. The bears are constantly eating apples. Consequently they're pretty fat.

Separate pens for the adult males, adult females, yearlings, and the cubs. The ladies were pretty shy and I wasn't able to get any decent pictures with the fences in the way.

KermodeBear posted

15/08/2015 01:05

Uploaded some pictures that I took of nude bears during my visit to the VSWS this Summer. Yay, bears!

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