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A mysterious friend was here  2016


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oi <w>'''''''''

okay so! i think at least for the time being i will just be uploading images that i do that i REALLY am proud of and things for people on this site uwu'''' i am just sooo terrible at keeping up with this place and then i build up a bunch of stuff to upload and it takes forever.
1 month ago

$15-$20 Colored Sketches +Discounts!

**LIMITED TIME OFFER, ENDS SUNDAY MARCH 19th: 5% off your purchase for repeat customers! This discount will not apply if you opt in for the 15% discount for commissioning characters ive designed ** 15% Discount: if you commission me to draw a character you purchased from me (and any collab adopts...
2 months ago


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Species: cat
Artist Type: anthro artist
Mood: loved
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Joined 9 months ago


Species: Unicorgon
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: calm
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ni3ls posted to Kero

6 months ago

Hi. Thanks a lot for watching me. I hope you'll enjoy my future works^^ 

Lyeox posted to Kero

8 months ago

You have a lovely style! And your sharing is just A++  

lupeyroo posted to Kero

10 months ago

Thanks for facing my stuff KERO!! Hope to see you more active round here ^^

Kero · 10 months ago

Ah no problem, Friendo!! ^^ I'm sure i'll be much more active once the move is all done and over with~

lupeyroo · 6 months ago

Buh!!! Babb I am so on love with your art recently!!

Kero · 5 months ago

ahhh thank youuuu ;___; ♥ IM DIGGIN YOURS TOO MAN

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