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$15-$20 Colored Sketches +Discounts!

**LIMITED TIME OFFER, ENDS SUNDAY MARCH 19th: 5% off your purchase for repeat customers! This discount will not apply if you opt in for the 15% discount for commissioning characters ive designed ** 15% Discount: if you commission me to draw a character you purchased from me (and any collab adopts...
1 week ago

Weight Loss Discord Server!

Hello all!! my friend vixian {} has made a server for people to join if you're trying to lose weight! ^^ its a place where you can share your journey, get yummy healthy recipies, share your progress, and have a community of people going through the same thin...
1 week ago

Join my discord server!

just a copy/paste journal from my FA <w> FEEL FREE TO JOIN IF YOU WANT! if you wanna keep up to date heres a link to the original journal: {} -------------------------- *PLEASE read all this before joining <w> ...
3 months ago

Streams and Commissions!!

im trying to be more active here but sometimes i forget to upload so im really sorry for the large chunks of art!! ;v; ANYWAY, i have an official stream schedule now! if youd like to get updates/reminders please follow my twitter or picarto!! (linked on my page) Monday at 9 am EST Thursday at 4...
4 months ago
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this website is so cool, its a shame its so inactive <XD i assume it was probably a lot more popular when FA went down for a while. i do appreciate the few people here that favorite my stuff tho ♥3 i rly appreciate it! i just wish this site was used more XD
5 months ago

$15 Colored Sketches!

DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!! ive got a bit on my Queue so these will be worked on as "transition" commissions so current things on my queue will take priority but i will work on these between commissions and will work on 1 or 2 at a time. these will also not be started until tomorrow so today is a day to ...
6 months ago
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okay im finally all caught up to where i am now with art ;v; again im sorry for the spam </3 and just an FYI i am open for commissions ovo/ and i have a couple YCHs open thats all! off to work again
6 months ago
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im uploading a lot of stuff from my FA <w>;;; not my whole gallery but the things i like most from 2013 (because i dont like anything before that year) all the way up to present day. more of it is from last year and this year but theres a handful of stuff from 2013 and 14 :3c SO IM SORRY FOR THE...
6 months ago
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okay so i made this account a while back. i havent really been active since but thank you SO MUCH to the people from FA who followed me over here ♥ i plan on being MUCH more active but im currently in the process of moving and wont probably do much until we've found a place and settled in. i'm a...
8 months ago