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$50 Colored and Shaded Couple Commissions!

i will be taking just a couple of these!! they will close at the end of tomorrow and any open slot will not be available then! original value of $75 for just $50 usd! Examples: {}
07/09/2017 21:07


im just popping in with a tiny update! im sorry for being somewhat inactive once again! I do plan on being much more active here soon! for the few of you waiting on art from me thank you so much for being patient! I am making my way quickly through my queue and hope to have everything done soon!...
14/08/2017 17:08
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Cheap Temporary Commissions! OPEN

These prices and options will end August 1st and go back to my normal commission prices and options (can be found on my front page) for the mean time i am avoiding commission types that tend to take me a long time, sorry ;w; ------------------------------------ NEW PRICES AND OPTIONS! -Flat Color...
09/06/2017 17:04
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31/05/2017 15:13
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oi <w>'''''''''

okay so! i think at least for the time being i will just be uploading images that i do that i REALLY am proud of and things for people on this site uwu'''' i am just sooo terrible at keeping up with this place and then i build up a bunch of stuff to upload and it takes forever.
11/04/2017 15:02

$15-$20 Colored Sketches +Discounts!

**LIMITED TIME OFFER, ENDS SUNDAY MARCH 19th: 5% off your purchase for repeat customers! This discount will not apply if you opt in for the 15% discount for commissioning characters ive designed ** 15% Discount: if you commission me to draw a character you purchased from me (and any collab adopts...
16/03/2017 18:57

Weight Loss Discord Server!

Hello all!! my friend vixian {} has made a server for people to join if you're trying to lose weight! ^^ its a place where you can share your journey, get yummy healthy recipies, share your progress, and have a community of people going through the same thin...
15/03/2017 20:20

Join my discord server!

just a copy/paste journal from my FA <w> FEEL FREE TO JOIN IF YOU WANT! if you wanna keep up to date heres a link to the original journal: {} -------------------------- *PLEASE read all this before joining <w> ...
02/12/2016 16:25

Streams and Commissions!!

im trying to be more active here but sometimes i forget to upload so im really sorry for the large chunks of art!! ;v; ANYWAY, i have an official stream schedule now! if youd like to get updates/reminders please follow my twitter or picarto!! (linked on my page) Monday at 9 am EST Thursday at 4...
02/11/2016 14:09
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this website is so cool, its a shame its so inactive <XD i assume it was probably a lot more popular when FA went down for a while. i do appreciate the few people here that favorite my stuff tho ♥3 i rly appreciate it! i just wish this site was used more XD
05/10/2016 00:15

$15 Colored Sketches!

DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!! ive got a bit on my Queue so these will be worked on as "transition" commissions so current things on my queue will take priority but i will work on these between commissions and will work on 1 or 2 at a time. these will also not be started until tomorrow so today is a day to ...
28/09/2016 15:53
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okay im finally all caught up to where i am now with art ;v; again im sorry for the spam </3 and just an FYI i am open for commissions ovo/ and i have a couple YCHs open thats all! off to work again
08/09/2016 17:44
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im uploading a lot of stuff from my FA <w>;;; not my whole gallery but the things i like most from 2013 (because i dont like anything before that year) all the way up to present day. more of it is from last year and this year but theres a handful of stuff from 2013 and 14 :3c SO IM SORRY FOR THE...
08/09/2016 08:35
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okay so i made this account a while back. i havent really been active since but thank you SO MUCH to the people from FA who followed me over here ♥ i plan on being MUCH more active but im currently in the process of moving and wont probably do much until we've found a place and settled in. i'm a...
12/07/2016 04:14