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Hey there, I'm a 24-year old artist living in Northern CA. I don't know if I will be maintining this gallery because I already maintain 3 and even that is a pain XD My main gallery is over at FA, so I would watch me there if you want to keep up with my works:


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WELP since FA is down I decided to upload some of my shit to this site. Hi. I kinda doubt I will keep up with this site, but eh. If you like my work be sure to watch me over on FA when it comes back - my username is Saruki over there. I'm also Van @ Weasyl.
16/10/2014 22:40


Kiba_wolf posted to Khamisu

17/10/2014 08:56

hii khamisu i´m kibawolf99 in fa :) how are you? [emot=4]

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Khamisu

16/10/2014 22:19

Heya and welcome to Furiffic

Khamisu ยท 17/10/2014 01:42

Well thank you :D

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