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Hello mates, my name is Kieth Treason. I am a young writer who aspires to one day become an author and all that good junk. You know how it is, dreaming big and such. My hobbies mostly include gaming, comedy, and RP. I've been RPing for a solid seven years so if anyone is interested feel free to shoot me a PM or something ^^. I suppose thats all i can really put on this thing, if anyone wants to really get to know me all yall gotta do is talk to me. I don't bite =)


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Comic Collaboration

Alright so, i figured i'd go ahead and make a journal about this since i've been wanting to for a while...though it probably wont get read yet alone commented on since my page has been like a ghost town lately. Hopefully this will get some light shed on it or something. Simply put, for quite a f...
23/01/2016 23:13

Writer Seeking Artist For Comic/Manga Collaboration

Ok so, for many years now i have always wanted to bring an amazing story to life through a comic or manga. After spending so many years seeing these comics that are well drawn...but not well told or even the other way around always left a bad taste in my mouth. This is because, unfortunately. Whi...
08/01/2016 00:49


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Julius Kingsley

Male · Etherian · Pansexual · Sagittarius
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Julu, Jules, Kingsley, Juju
My main OC and lead character of Guardians. Julius Kingsley is highly intelligent and fights with...
18/12/2015 14:46


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Cinder42 posted to Kieth Treason

18/12/2015 21:54

Thank you for the sub as well, homie. It's an honor from one as talented as you! I would love to chat some time if you'd like. Even when you've been here a month or so, this site is, regrettably, a rather barren wasteland when it comes to social interaction it seems. Maybe it's just because its so new though.

Kieth Treason · 18/12/2015 23:59 · 1 Reply

Lol, yeah i kinda noticed that. Site is kinda quite, but hey. So were a lot of sites when they were first opened. Give it a year or so, this place will be bustling. ^^

Cinder42 · 20/12/2015 15:46

Lol, yeah, it's just a baby site right now ^^

Kieth Treason · 20/12/2015 17:12

A baby site that can grow up up to be anything xD

Ricari posted to Kieth Treason

18/12/2015 17:59

I'd happily be willing to rp with you sometime!

Kieth Treason · 18/12/2015 19:15

Awesome =D. Wanna send a note and we can talk? Lol

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