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Ok so, for many years now i have always wanted to bring an amazing story to life through a comic or manga. After spending so many years seeing these comics that are well drawn...but not well told or even the other way around always left a bad taste in my mouth. This is because, unfortunately. While anyone out there can write. Not everyone can tell an interesting and engaging story that is not just made up along the way or eventually gets derailed which results in the project dying.

I see so many who create comics...that have no direct story of even context. Main character is a ‘demon’ who likes to be Emo or a generic hero. The amount of ‘good’ comics out there is seriously lacking, and that personally bothers me cause there are so many amazing story tellers who just...can’t get their ideas out there through words. Let's be honest people would much rather look at comic pages than read giant walls of text. Which is understandable.

But, regardless. Moving on.

I am looking for an artist who would want to work on a project with me. I want someone who wants to work ‘WITH’ me, not ‘FOR’ me. This means contributing to story, characters, lore, and ect. I want to do more than just make some comic. I want to create a living, breathing world with deep memorable characters, a story that will hook readers and actually do something unique.

I have many story ideas already in progress, but I will probably be willing to work on a completely new project and start fresh with the artist so we can both incorporate ideas into a single project. Or we can go with a project that has been fleshed out and worked on to the point we could still add new things in.

Profits made from the comic and ownership will be split fairly. The artist will gain more of the royalties because it is THEIR art that is bringing readers to the project and keeping their attention. And i can see the fairness in that. No matter how good my writing is, without a talented artist to bring it to life it’s pretty useless.  

I tend to write more on the darker side of things, but I am also capable of writing light hearted stuff as well. Everything i write about is deep, symbolic, and above all logical. I do not make bland cardboard cutout characters, i do not simply say ‘Oh, he did that cause magic’. Everything is thought out, planned, and fleshed out. Magic has a complex system of functionality, the world has a deep history that justifies its existence, the religion is realistic. And ect.

And on a final note, i will request that the artist who decides to be my partner(s) have an above average art style/quality. Reason behind this is because having sketchy stick figures and ect would not represent the comic very well. I mean, since it’s an anthropomorphic comic there will be clothing, weapons, structures, ect.

Please leave a comment below stating your interested in working with me, and leave some art samples. If you have any questions ask and I will be sure to answer you.

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