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Published: 23/01/2016 23:13

Alright so, i figured i'd go ahead and make a journal about this since i've been wanting to for a while...though it probably wont get read yet alone commented on since my page has been like a ghost town lately. Hopefully this will get some light shed on it or something.

Simply put, for quite a few years now i've been wanting to begin an online webcomic through collaboration with an artist(s). I've been around the internet a long time, seen all kinds of things come and go. Like the old pages of the BBA Comic by Kay Fedewa. Which had a reboot last year. There are a plethora of comics out there that died because of lack of muse, disinterest in the project, or just drama. Perhaps even heavy Hiatus.
Either way, I've witnessed these stories that have influenced me and my own writing over the years and have been wanting to bring a project to life through the same media but...cant. Very few people like to read walls of text unless its in a published format. (i.e Warriors). Thus that limits me and my creativity since no one seems to give writers the time of day unless they are popular...which i am not.

So i'm looking for anyone who would be willing to Collab with me in making a webcomic. This would be a passion project between both of us. Rather its a team or just one person. While i cant draw, i can tell a story. I am a very good writer and screenwriter. I've written scripts for plays at school, a few webseries on youtube, and ect. I see these comics and such with cheesy dialogue and scenes that just cause an eyeroll and want to change that. I want someones help to make a unique project that stands out from all the others. I specialize in Animal Fantasy and High Fantasy. So if anyone is interested in a collab, let me know.

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