Kattalakis the Doberman
Artist Type: Digital Artist

About me:

I'm actually not a furry. Just a furry artist.

I'm not very friendly towards new people. In fact, I'm rather aggressive until given reasons to be nice.
This is not personally directed at anyone, just pointing it out in case you find me rude or offensive.

I am giving some effort into being nicer though as I understand not everyone wants to work

with a dick.

Commissions: CLOSED

Trades: CLOSED

Requests: Friends only


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Everything starts as a wing-it sketch and you just add on to it Pricing: -Headshot/bust: $4 -Halfbody: $5 -Line art: +$4 -Color: +$3 -Shading: +$4 -Wings: +$10 -NSFW: +$15 (Unless it's a prepose, I'm really uncomfortable with NSFW stuff) Flat fee grab bags are also available starting at $20 I res...
05/12/2015 02:40

Sketches Open!

I'm gonna be opening $7 sketches For every 5 commissions there will be 1 freebie The freebie will be drawn raffle style Pricing: These will be half body sketches so $7 is the start price HOWEVER, pricing is as follows for those who want to have other options -Headshot/bust: $4 -Halfbody: $7 -Li...
09/09/2015 21:52


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Species: Gemchimera
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Knightonworks posted to Kattalakis

03/08/2015 04:19

And here I thought I was the only person to use the word frumpy.  Hehe.  Any way it's good to meet you,  and very nice gallery.  

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Kattalakis

11/01/2014 16:50

heya =:3

Atalanta posted to Kattalakis

18/12/2013 22:35

I think I watch you on FA! I've definitely seen your artwork around =^w^=I really love your icon!