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It was a long night for the wolf, one he
wouldn't soon be forgetting. Slipping out of bed so as not to wake his
sleeping Goddess, Grey grabbed his mace and head outside. Some pleasure
killing was in order. Still overcome with the thoughts of his mate
finally bearing him a litter of strong, god like children, destined for
battle and upholding the future of the Slys, Grey could only see taking
over another nation as a means to get out some of the excitement, as
well as provide a hearty feast of souls for his love.

"Today will be a good day.." He muttered in a rather happy tone to
himself. Looking back at his castle, and in the direction of the room
where the Goddess slept, he smiled and carried on his way, Earth Smasher
in hand.


So I had this urge to just go all out on my friend's sona, aaand... this was the result. Personally, I think it's my best yet.

And if a single comment is directed at the mace looking weird, I'll hide
it. I am aware that it doesn't look right and I'm in no way looking for

Grey © His Owner

Art © Kikios

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