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Just trying to figure this out


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27/07/2017 19:06


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27/07/2017 18:48


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Tenshi posted to KillerO

30/07/2017 23:13

Nice to see you on here dood, thanks for watching me here too!

lupeyroo posted to KillerO

27/07/2017 15:03

Welcome to Furiffic! If you make character pages I can tag the art I've done for you to them :) (just make sure to allow tagging)

KillerO · 27/07/2017 19:09

Hey, I've added a character and allow tagging

lupeyroo · 27/07/2017 19:29

There we go! The submissions should show on their chara pages now :) 

KillerO · 28/07/2017 21:45 · 1 Reply

thank you

lupeyroo · 28/07/2017 21:48

No worries! If you need any help with character tagging or any questions about the site at all, feel free to send me a message or post feedback in the top right corner!

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