NiLu the Dragon
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Artist ~@ Writer ~@ Dragons ~@ Wolves ~@ Fantasy ~@ Genderfluid ~@ Polyamorous ~@ Pansexual
'Merica! Pennsylvania,
I Game big time

Just little eastern dragon that loves to draw, write stories and listen to music.
I am currently go to college majoring in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSHA or Safety for short). I am pretty laid back most days but sometimes I can be quite moody (especially if I see something that I don't like) and offish.
I love to draw wolves and dragons (fucking cliche right? Get over it) and romantic scenes, especially ones that involve intimate situations.
I can then tend to be slow at finishing drawings as I get frustrated at my art easily when something doesn't turn out the way I would like it to, so please be patient and I promise that you will see some pretty decent drawings.
If you have questions about anything or you just to talk don't be afraid to message me.

I have been a “furry” since 2009 but I have been drawing them since I could first pick up a pencil (those drawings looked like shit). I have constant swings in and out of the fandom depending on how other furs treat me and how they treat others. In real life I do not like to be addressed as a “furry” unless it’s by another fur and it’s just us and we’re alone or around other furs (I have my reasons). Though recently I haven't been a fan of the fur fandom

Things you should know about me:
* I am Asian but have lived my WHOLE life in America. I consider myself a Twinky (yellow on the outside and white on the inside ♥)
* I am adopted, do not bring up blood relation importance to me. I think blood relationships are NOT guaranteed more important.
* I am an only child.
* I can sometimes prefer the company of animals over the company of people.
* I can be wild and excited if you meet me in person and I am happy.
* I am startled easily.
* I am scared of new people but will warm up to them if they take it slow.
* I seem to hate a lot but deep down I care about everyone and everything.
* Do not bump the table while I am drawing.

I love:
Si-fi such as Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly (FTW)
Fantasy Shits: Werewolves, Dragons, Vampires and pretty much most fantasy.
Crime drams including Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, and NCIS.
Animated movies and TV Shows: Too many to name

I like:
Anime, a lot of the fandom annoys me and I can only watch it with special people. I can't read fast and often loose stuff with subtitles so I kinda don't like Japanese dub (flame on biggots) but if I can only find the series in Jap, then I will gladly watch it, though I prefer Eng dub. No Slice of life stuff, but if you have animes to recommend let me know. I love FMA (original and brotherhood), some of Wolf's Rain (the ending was kinda blech), Fruits Basket (animals ♥), Ouran High School Host Club, and some others.

My Sonas
NiLu || Female/Genderfluid/shape shifting gender || Eastern Dragon || Bisexual || Shy, caring quiet
Hallow SilverDen || Female/Genderfluid || Werewolf/Werepyer || Pansexual || Bolder, adventurous, sexual
Fang Vampir || Female || Werepyer || Straight? || Aggressive, abrasive, protective

Other Characters
Kain Vorick || Male || Demonic Werewolf || Bisexual - Heavy female preference || Loving, romantic, loyal
Bane Vorick || Male || Demonic Werewolf || Straight || Aggressive, brutal, not a nice guy

Other Places to find me

My F-List
I do not often Roleplay because of bad experiences but I am willing to give it a try again. See my F-list for things I like and don't like.

❤ ❤Happily Mated to my wonderful dragon❤ ❤
❤ ❤ September 3, 2007-2014 ❤ ❤
He is a cis male and I am a genderfluid that identifies mostly as female just because parts!
STRAIGHT LOVE! I take pride in my love, respect mine and I'll respect yours.

My Art Status
Commissions: OPEN
Slots Open: 2
Slot 1: 1Angelfluff1 on SoFurry - 2 images (2 character cell shaded and 1 character cell shaded)
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

On-going Commissions (Separate from "regular" commissions)

Auctions Being Held: 0

Trades: Closed
Requests: Only available when advertised in a submission or journal but do NOT come asking me for them.
Collaborations: Closed
Check my Journals and Submissions for any changes.

Check out my Trello account to see my current To-do list :). If you are not on the list please message me and I will add you to the list.

Terms of Service

I do collaboration work with CrazyHusky. He does the coloring and I do the line art. Go check him out.
If you want a collab commission with CrazyHusky and myself either PM him or message me via PMs or email (
Note that if I am doing a collaboration commission with CrazyHusky the customer still has to come to me directly (or I will go to them) about the line art phase of the commission.


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Bane Vorick

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Kain Vorick

Male · Werewolf · Bisexual ·
Role-playing No
20/05/2016 23:18


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