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Haven't done this for a long time (if ever) so I decided to post a rough progress shot on how I went though the picture "Surprise, my Love."

I really enjoyed sketching this picture out and drawing the idea out and actually having it look right.
The hard part came with inking. There were three versions of this picture (the other two can be found on my other art sites) and each time I had to correct something on one picture I had to copy it over to the other. I probably don't have the best technique for it XP.
Then came the color, one of my favorite parts but the stripes, oh my god, so many stripes XP.
Next I had to make the background. I struggle a lot with backgrounds so this part was really annoying for me but once I got it (with the help form this AMAZING tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k01VXu6kLLo...thank you whoever made this. You are the best.) I felt really good about it. It just needed some touch ups.
Which I did when I put the background into the picture (I had done the background on a separate canvas since the size of the original drawing made it hard for me to use the smudge tool without lagging my computer.) and I added gradients to the clouds so it looked kind of like a sunset.
Finally I added shading, the second most tedious part of the picture (besides the background) and viola! The finished picture =D.

The finished picture can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12740093/
Please comment your thoughts on this picture. What looks good, what can be improved?

Art © Killerwolf1020
Characters © Killerwolf1020Fuzydragon1337
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