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Hello and welcome on my Furiffic page. I am Kinaj.
I am a young artist from Germany, here to show off my art and meet new people.
If you like furry art, feral and anthro, but also humans, scifi and other strange stuff, then you might like this place :3
If you just want to talk, you can always send me a message. I am always happy to meet new people with similar interests x3

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!! All my characters are made with heart and care. They are a part of me and mean a lot to me. Don´t use them without my permission. Even for giftart. It´s a nice gesture, but I feel better like that.

Also find me on Furaffinity, Inkbunny, SofurryWeasyl and Furry Network.

I also have a Twitter where I additionally upload WIPs, sketches and other nonsense. Plus I can involve you better there. For the same purposes I also have a Telegram Channel.

I am also administrating a group for German furries here on Furiffic.

If you have any interests in Requests, YCHs, Commissions or else from me,
firstly read through my Terms of Service first.
Here you can find my Commission Information about open commission slots, prices, etc.

Put this on your profile info if you roleplay.

The F-List of my Sona. I have many more characters you can see there!


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Not dead!

And not planning to be anywhere soon. Just too busy for that anyway >.> So yeah, unfortunatelly real life keeps me busy and between big projects and the word prompts on Vixel's Discord I don't really get to finish stuff I would upload here. BUT, I am still uploading thingies to my Twitter(https:...
3 months ago

Telegram Channel

As announced, I've created one: {} It will have everything from uploaded artwork to sketches and nonsense to stuff I want to share. There won't be any other content that I put onto my Twitter which can be acc...
8 months ago


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Alexandra Vogt

Wolf · Bisexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Alex
Alex is part of my Alternative Furry Universe.
14/11/2015 21:11

Sarah Schmid

Human · Bisexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Sarah
Sarah is part of my Neora Setting.
11/11/2015 12:08


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David Hopkins

Species: chicken
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ALhedgehog posted to Kinaj

12/06/2018 04:48

Thanks for subbing!

Kinaj · 12/06/2018 20:23

Uhh, you're welcome!

Gomi posted to Kinaj

21/03/2018 17:05

Thanks for the follow!

HowSplendid posted to Kinaj

16/04/2017 18:08

thanks a lot for the fav!

Kinaj · 16/04/2017 19:27

No problem. How could I not let you know somehow how much I like your pictures :3

SyphNeon posted to Kinaj

17/01/2017 03:29

So uh, how do you pronounce your name?

Kinaj · 17/01/2017 08:45

Uhm, hard to say. I pronounce it the way it's written.

Stirling_The_Corgi posted to Kinaj

25/11/2016 01:59

Thanks for watching

Kinaj · 25/11/2016 07:21

Thanks for giving me a good reason to ;P

HowSplendid posted to Kinaj

20/11/2016 04:58

thanks a lot for the fav!

Kinaj · 20/11/2016 13:27

No problem. You've deserved it ;3

Lyeox posted to Kinaj

04/09/2016 20:11

Thanks for the favorite!


Kinaj · 05/09/2016 00:42

You've deserved it.

Colliefan posted to Kinaj

08/10/2015 14:08

Thanks again for yet another fave.

Kinaj · 08/10/2015 16:12 · 4 Replies

Your welcome, but you don´t need to thank me for every fave ;3

Colliefan · 08/10/2015 16:16


Kinaj · 08/10/2015 16:34

No problem. Just saying :)

Colliefan · 08/10/2015 16:38

Sometimes I get over eager, must be a collie thing.

Kinaj · 08/10/2015 16:45

lol, maybe

Colliefan posted to Kinaj

08/10/2015 14:08

Thanks again for yet another fave/

Colliefan posted to Kinaj

06/10/2015 17:02

Thanks for the fave.

Kinaj · 06/10/2015 19:07

Your welcome :3

Colliefan posted to Kinaj

26/09/2015 08:02

Thanks for the faves.

Kinaj · 26/09/2015 10:58

 No problem. Gonna read the other ones as well sooner or later.

Colliefan · 26/09/2015 14:26

Thanks, if you have any problem understanding anything please ask.

mearcu posted to Kinaj

12/09/2015 22:49

 Hey Dog !
Thanks for all the faves. :)

Kinaj · 13/09/2015 00:54

 No problem. You've deserved all of them ;3

Colliefan posted to Kinaj

25/08/2015 10:53

I just joined. 

Kinaj · 25/08/2015 13:07

 Heyhey, welcome to the side^^

Colliefan · 25/08/2015 13:09

Thanks. I think I'm going to be happy here. 

Kinaj posted

15/08/2015 15:47

 Hello, Furiffic!

Kinaj posted

15/08/2015 15:47

 Hello, Furiffic!

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