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-Born as human boy on Earth. His parents were officers of the Neoran Star Fleet
-Due to his parents working on spaceships, he had to live with his aunt´s familie.
-As his parents died, a good friend of them got the custody of Nick. With 13 years he then moved on the spave ship that friend commanded in that time.
-He partly became an inofficial member of the crew.
-With 18 years he joint the NSF.
-Due to his experience he got a position on the bridge of the flagship of the fleet, which was commanded by his former custody now.
-With 30 years he replaced his former custody as captain of the flagship.
-As he was 34 years old an incident on a mission happened, which caused a transformation of his DNA and his body. He bacame a dog, at least from the exterior. Some of his abilitys stayed, most important the ability to speak.
-After hard work and also luck he managed to keep his reputation, rank, and his position.


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Captain of the Neoran star ship NRS Soerpun.


jessika "jess" wolff

Relationship Family-member, Member of his Crew
Dog · Bisexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Jess is part of my Neora Setting.
10/11/2015 22:48

sarah schmid

Relationship Member of his crew, doctor, friend
Human · Bisexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Sarah is part of my Neora Setting.
11/11/2015 12:08


0.6 Meters · 1 Feet, 11.62 Inches

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Mostly dog, but:

-can talk like a human as well

-can move his fingers better than a dog

-his mind is closer to the mind of a human, his hormons and instincts doesn´t effect him as much as a normal dog

-also hair on his head and long furred balls

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Nice character and images!

Kinaj · 11/05/2016 15:02


Nick is part of my Neora Setting.

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Anything in his sci fi setting.