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Not dead!

And not planning to be anywhere soon. Just too busy for that anyway >.> So yeah, unfortunatelly real life keeps me busy and between big projects and the word prompts on Vixel's Discord I don't really get to finish stuff I would upload here. BUT, I am still uploading thingies to my Twitter(https:...
4 months ago

Telegram Channel

As announced, I've created one: {} It will have everything from uploaded artwork to sketches and nonsense to stuff I want to share. There won't be any other content that I put onto my Twitter which can be acc...
9 months ago
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2018=>2019 (Reviews, Previews, Happy New Year)

Heyhey! For some already, for me very soon, for some in a bit, another year has passed. Another lap around our central star without leaving the track or bumping into significant obstacles. Now, before we jump into next year's preview and goals, let's see what of 2018's goals I could reach: -los...
9 months ago
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Merry Christmas!

As the title says, wanna wish you all a merry christmas. Hope you're having a great feast. And if you're not celebrating, I hope you're still having a good time^^ Stay tuned, gonna have at least on christmas picture to post from myself and a great one from a friend, too. Also got some other thing...
9 months ago

Ask the Cast

That's it. The last AtC from the second round. Now first of all I want to thank everybody who asked a question. Sure I had my favourites, though I probably could answer everything with an answer I could be happy with. Sure I wasn't so happy about how it started. Thinking about it now I am a bit e...
10 months ago

A word about my streams

Sike, it's gonna be more than word :P But seriously, first of all, I don't always stream, but if I do, it will be around 10pm in Germany. +/- 2 hours. You can find it here -> {} I won't be always be super focused on art and be rather small,...
27/09/2018 20:41
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Oh hey, were back!

Does anybody know what happened?
12/09/2018 13:01
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Weakness of my art?

Hello, it's one of these journals again. Soo, I've been wondering how my art is seen by others. Especially what is jumping into your eye on my pictures that's rather unaesthetic to you? The background is the usual, why am I so behind other artists that, at least to me, are among or below my ski...
22/08/2018 09:24
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Tease vs Reveal

I am curious how you guys see it: -On one side you have lots of nsfw of an artist. Lots of sex pics, dirty kinks, most pictures show the character naked. You barely see them dressed. -On the other side you rarely see anything nsfw from an artist. Most art is sfw or at best suggestive, but only ra...
10/08/2018 12:12
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Redoing my Profil Page. Ideas?

Heyho! Since I have my pages more or less designed like this for at least one or two years, I thought I might change it. The question about what to include on the page crossed my mind and I thought I would ask what you guys think. More precisely, what is it you would for sure want to include on y...
07/07/2018 11:59
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Question: What should I do for my anniversary?

Ok, so my anniversary on FA, but also of me being Kinaj is coming up by the end of June. What should I do for that? I am open for ideas. I already thought about a raffle of some kind. The problem I have with that though is that I would like to do something that in first place benefits those who...
16/06/2018 21:20
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GDPR and Artists?

Hey guys! So, it was brought to my attention and to my mind, that the new GDPR might also effect us artists? I get the basics behind it, but there are still open questions I can't find any answers for. Basically, as I understood it, the commissioners have to agree on the data I publish from the...
27/05/2018 22:04
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How to upload a comic?

Just a quick question, what's better? Uploading a side as soon as it's finished, even if there will be some time in between, uploading it all at once or uploading it in groups or so?
23/04/2018 18:24
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Happy Easter and Happy First of April!

Ok, so first of all again: Happy Easter. Happy Easter to those celebrating and happy choco bunny day to those not doing so :3 Then next, happy first of april. If you haven't noticed yet, my last journal of course was a hoaks. The last line should have given it away :P Nevertheless there was some...
02/04/2018 00:08
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Giving up on Feral Art

Hey guys! After thinking about this for a while now, I've decided it would be the best decision to do so. It really wasn't an easy decision, thinking about the way I came and what I could lose. Please. Before you start hating me now, I would like you to take a moment and understand my reasons f...
01/04/2018 13:03
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Would you be interested to see this?

Sooner or later I am planning to use my freshly archived programming skills to creat stuff with it. Thinking about little games involving my characters for example. Well, nothing certain yet I could tell about really. But sooner I am going to work on a little help for me to upload stuff since at ...
18/02/2018 01:37
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Closer to the art process. {} Just a reminder that I have it and that I use it. Get WIPs, sketches I will probably never finish, plans and previous, thoughts and what not. Lot's of art talk. And sometimes you can give input. All the time basically (though nobody does...
06/02/2018 22:45

Any military knowledge out there?

I am doing it. I am getting stuff from my list done! :D After I don't know how long it's ago that I've started this and didn't finish I've finished the structure of the European fleet. When I've started the list I think it was still a fleet of a united planet. Oh well. The list can be seen here:...
13/01/2018 01:30
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Reviews and previews

In a little less than 24h it will be 2018 here so finally it's time to see what I've reached this year and what I wanna do for next year. Let's see, what did I plan for 2017: -lose weight: I did that :D Gonna keep working there. -finish the stuff I load with sai everyday: Did that. And then star...
31/12/2017 00:49
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Your two cents for 2018

Hello! First of all: Merry Christmas. Hope you guys had a good time whether you celebrate it or not. And with Christmas coming to an end, 2017 isn't even a whole week long anymore. I am planning to note down for me what I wanna reach in my art the coming year and what projects I wanna start/fin...
26/12/2017 22:14
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Got to repeat myself. {} Not only wips and the end result as I post them here, but also sketches I wouldn't post here. Might did more of it in case it gets bigger. Since I am not drawing as much digitally lately I cope with little traditional sketches. So basica...
28/11/2017 13:32
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Where have I been?

Good question. The answer: Everywhere. Unfortunately being everywhere has the side effect that I might now exactly be very productive with art as some might have noticed. BUT I am still doing art. I still pic up the pencil and sometimes indeed I draw a line or two before putting it down again be...
21/11/2017 00:58


It's not this. This is more of an introduction to it. The last days/weeks/months I've been trying again to put negative feelings into pictures to vent a bit and give an expression of my deeper problems. I've been debating over whether I should upload them or not. In the end I've decided for it. ...
13/09/2017 22:45

Hey, check this out!

Just a reminder that I have an art Twitter: (It's 18+) {} I am going to not only post artwork there, but also art realted news, WIPs, and maybe also little questions like what should be stuck into X's X. Something like that. You should esp...
27/04/2017 19:13

Let's have a talk about YCHs.

Haven't done much there lately and I don't know how soon again I will do one again, but since the last YCH's weren't exactly successful(like not at all) I thought I would just make these polls and see if I can get some answers. Here is a poll for the characters the YCH shall be for: https://goo....
09/04/2017 14:13
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Gonna start my comic bit still got a issue to solve.

The coming week, probably tomorrow already I am going to seriously start working on my Alex comic. But there still is one issue I got to solve. What to do with brands? In the past I've treated that differently. With computers and laptops for example I just drew a random ones and and have them bra...
02/04/2017 23:31
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Drawing programs for Linux (recommendations?)

For my future working laptop I wanted to get a Linux OS instead of Windows 10 (Don't like it. Want to get away from MS in general). That laptop I also wanna use to draw then, but on Linux I can't use Sai. So I wanted to knows if there are any artists/people who know artists who use Linux and can...
10/03/2017 14:26

Ask the Cast: Round 2

Dunno if I failed drawing attention to it or if there is just not as much interest in it. Anyway, I've opened another round of the Ask the Cast. Everybody(also those who asked a question in the first round) can ask one question. every character, every question. Go here for more information and to...
05/03/2017 21:17
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If you could change anything on my art, what would it be?

I am often thinking about how others see my art, if there are any parts that drive people crazy. For example, I like my paws but sometimes I feel like I draw them too big? So is there anything in my art or even content that drive you slightly nuts? Or opposite question, what is it you absolutely ...
11/02/2017 14:18
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Where else to find me?

Though I would write a journal about it for a bit attention to it. You can find all links on my profil page as well. Furaffinity {} Furiffic {/Kinaj} Inkbunny {h...
03/02/2017 19:38

Updates (Comics/AtC/Commissions)

Hey guys. I am not doing that many updates, but I guess it wouldn't be bad to say a few words since it might help me to keep my head a bit more free. And there is also stuff you can do :D If you've read through my New Year's Resolutions, most of the stuff shouldn't be unknown to you. First I wan...
08/01/2017 17:50
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Merry Christmas!

To all my friends and warchers out there, whether you're celebrating it or not, or celebrating something else these days, I wish you a happy and peaceful time and for now a good last week of 2016.
24/12/2016 17:12

Computerproblem fixed (hopefully)

I am careful with that. Bio-Nick doesn't trust Tec-Nick. But in the end I now have OBS installed AND I can shut down my PC properly. So thank you all for your advises. I hope I won't have to face such problems for a long time now. You never know though, right? x.x Anyway, streaming this evening w...
22/12/2016 08:49
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Computerproblems. Need advise.

To make long story short: OBS didn't work anymore -> deinstalled and downloaded newer version OBS worked the first day but the second said there was a data missing and it couldn't work like this. Still did. Situation now: OBS uninstalled -> PC works fine. OBS installed -> When shutting down PC ...
21/12/2016 15:31
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I am freaking out.

On all my profil pages it says not to use my character without my permission. Barely anybody asks for any permission. Great, I am getting gift art, but I am all the time have to fear it in any way contains my characters who don't act like my characters. I've put that up for a goddamn reason, but ...
16/12/2016 01:30
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If I redo one of my older pictures, which should it be?

For now I am just curious, but maybe it will influence me for later. Let's say anything I've done before 2016. Be aware that in some of my galleries the time of upload and the time in which I drew it, are two totally different dates.
02/12/2016 19:22
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Help me getting an outside view of my art!

Hey there, this is a thing that is bothering me for a long time already and lately it came up again and bothers me in bad ways. Even though my art is getting better, I submit on several pages, post frequently, get myself input, have a wide spectrum of themes and also offer stuff like streams, i...
23/11/2016 11:40

To all the digital artists out there

Ctrl+S Use it. Often. There is no too much. And never forget it. Always remind yourself. Don't let too much time pass without. Not an hour. Not half an hour. And especially not 4. DUCK >.<!!!!
20/11/2016 01:20
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Ask the Cast (Closed)

Wanna try that another time. Ask one of my characters a question and they will answer it for you.
14/11/2016 12:37

It's the top of the seventh and...

...oh, God, zombies! They're devouring the crowd. Now... ah, they're eating my brain! Oh, the pain! Ahhh!
31/10/2016 12:15

You know you want it~

SB is only 10USD. No bids yet. Submission by Kinaj {/Kinaj/view/84346}
12/10/2016 09:41
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*needs help with comic name*

As some might or might not know, I am working on a detective comic starring Alex:,tatort.png {,tatort.png} Problem is, I don't really have a name. I thought about Kommissar ...
28/09/2016 16:00
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Today I've told my mother I am a furry artist.

Well, not exactly, instead of furries I am just a part of a community and I also didn't tell about my nsfw art and everything connected to it. The last few days I was better again. However, yesterday everything took a turn for the worse and I was completely down again out of several reasons. Al...
14/09/2016 18:58


...stop worrying about me. Stop it. Now. This is getting too far. The last thing I wanted to do is to mess with anybody like this ;-;
06/09/2016 00:13

To all those who had my Skype/Telegram

If you might or might not have notived (dunno if one can notice this on Telegram anyway) I've cut off said contact. Infact, except for two I emtpied both my contact lists. I know this really wasn't the nicest move and I am sorry, if I caused any irritation or bad feelings. That really wasn't my ...
05/09/2016 19:00

Keep your hugs.

I appreciate the try, but I am afraid they are pretty much useless.
04/09/2016 23:42

Forget about that last journal.

It was stupid and I should have published it. Guess I am not ready to be back yet.
04/09/2016 10:51


I haven't really been active lately, in fact, I have been the opposite of active and deleted some accounts and others things I didn't/don't see any use for anymore I don't really wanna talk about it what was going on and still is going on. However, I also don't want to leave those who care in dar...
29/08/2016 18:51