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For now I am just curious, but maybe it will influence me for later. Let's say anything I've done before 2016. Be aware that in some of my galleries the time of upload and the time in which I drew it, are two totally different dates. 

Colliefan · 02/12/2016 19:30 · 3 Replies

I don't know.

Kinaj · 02/12/2016 19:39

Though I have several possible choices. Was only curious, if you guys have any preferences or can give me an easy way to decide.

Colliefan · 02/12/2016 20:39

What are the choices?

Kinaj · 02/12/2016 20:57

Every piece from before 2016. Exceptions might be stuff I did for others, but I will probably decide there from case to case.

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