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Words can do a lot. Comfort, reassure, make you feel better. But if words are everything that's there...

In my situation, I get told from people how they like me, how great I am, how good my art is, and so on. But still I end up in the same situation. I am in the dark place again where I was before.
But I stay here. I stay in the dark because who knows, maybe what people say is meant for real and if that's so, it should be worth to stay. But I am still in that dark place. All I have are these words. An anchor. And I can't free myself from it. At least not yet. That chain connecting me to the anchor, the words, becomes thinner.

I am still trying to stay connected to the people I can really tell they want that as well(I really appreciate you. But if you actually don't want to, don't hesitate to just leave me behind)
Lately though I've been withdrawing more and more. I don't bother anymore to get to know others or befriend with new people. After a few weeks, maybe months, the contact will break anyway. I am not looking for rps anymore because they won't find an end anyway(in case somebody wants to talk to me at all). And I while I've enjoyed involving my watchers in my art process, I can't really find much fun in that anymore. Etc.

I think I am drifting a bit away from the initial meaning of the picture, but after that long time drawing on that, it symbolised quite a lot for me.
I could draw that bow even further, ending up to where I don't feel as part of this community and at this point don't bother to be one anymore. I am after all just a porn contributer, but barely more than that.

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