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Ok, this isn't less of a personal, crushing thing as the other two. Also I've debated most about this whether I should upload it or not, but I wanted to in the end.

So, what does it show, Nick with several labels of several groups Nick and I would be part of. People tend to sperated others or each others by nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, sex/gender, religion. So in our case, male, white, roman-catholic christian, german, and bi sexual.
Added to these labels I've listed all the negative stereotypes, things people say about this groups, etc. I could think about, I often get thrown at me myself.

Don't get me wrong, I am not sensitive with these things. Really not. We always joked best about religion class for example. Something that bothers me though is that double standart thing. While for certain groups it's publicy inacceptable to say certain things about other certain groups, there are other groups this doesn't count. Of course there then are people who complain about that, but these are right wing then for example. And if not, they are put into that corner.

I've been growing up with a lot of this. By far not always meant in a joking, unserious way. Even when knowing better this messes with one. Having to acquiesce to it because your group is actually doing fine. Doesn't really make you feel fine.

Playing around with stereotypes, politically incorrect jokes, I don't see any problems with that. Somebody who starts a fight over that doesn't have anything more serious to fight I feel.
What I wish more for would equally stop being jerks to each other over such things, but don't take every not serious joke about that to heart either, no matter from who about whome.

So much about this. A reason why I debated about uploading this is how sensitive people are with this topic and I didn't wanna heat something up. But it actually felt quite good collecting all the shit I've had to take on me and swallow over my years, puting this out here. And not like I would have a social life here to ruin I would still care about.

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