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Nobody told me I've written mannequin wrong all the time :U
Anyway, did Mica also in sfw dresses. It's a pure coincident that there is more nsfw stuff than sfw there >.> ... <.< ... >.>
An airy summer dress and a dressy dress. Wanted to draw fitting shoes for the dress, but that would have ended up...ugh...got to learn how to draw nice shoes.

Mica, Art ©  Kinaj 

Colliefan · 20/01/2018 11:16 · 1 Reply

Nice. Having paw like feet she would probably wear straps on her feet that have holes for toes and cut outs in the bottom for her pads so she's more comfortable than normal human shoes. Probably more like a thick sock with bits cut out made to look like a shoe than traditional human footwear. I hope this helps.

Kinaj · 21/01/2018 23:48

My idea was rather drawing something like this https://i.pinimg.com/736x/b7/c6/aa/b7c6aabd48e4b2d9cff63ff6fbb0717c--party-shoes-parties.jpg just higher and simplier. Main problem was that is looked everything but elegant and good, fitting to the dress and I assume the way I drew the paws back then is the reason. Overproportionally big which doesn't fit that much to the elegancy of the dress. Plus they are a little chunky maybe. Not sure.

Colliefan · 22/01/2018 10:20 · 2 Replies

I was thinking more something like This as it looks good and would work with Mica if you made them look more fancy.

Kinaj · 22/01/2018 14:53

This actually is a great idea. Not sure for every situation, but better than shoes in everydays life of anthros.

Colliefan · 22/01/2018 16:39

Thanks and I'm glad I was able to help.

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