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What else do I have to say more than what's on the meme already?

This was actually a neat training of face perspectives. Not perfect and there is a big difference in my style between more side and more front, but I like the over all outcome.

This is a big thing, so I post it here as well, but smaller shit posts (lol, obviously I am shitting gold ;P), but also WIPs, paper sketches, ideas, possibilities for giving your 2 cents, etc. can be found on my public Twitter: https://twitter.com/kinajart

Nick, Art ©  Kinaj 

Madame Sparx · 12 months ago · 2 Replies

I've gotta say, I like the direction that your style is going. 

Kinaj · 11 months ago

Yay, happy to hear. I am quite happy with it, too.

Madame Sparx · 11 months ago

Not a problem! And understandable. :3

Colliefan · 12 months ago · 3 Replies

I like what you did here and the expressions are priceless. 

Kinaj · 11 months ago

Thank you! First time I drew angry Nick I think. At least like this I feel.

Colliefan · 11 months ago

More scheming than angry.

Kinaj · 11 months ago

Yes, true. One way or the other, first time. Even though that's something fitting pretty well. In good mood of course.

Verlock Teldraken · 12 months ago · 1 Reply

roflao ♥ excellent

Kinaj · 11 months ago

:P ♥

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