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Today(the 27th) morning, 4 years ago, I registered on FA (and e621). From that day on I was Kinaj and I am up to this day. And I am not planning to change that in the foreseeable future.

Guess I haven't become as much of a big event that I would have wished/expected/hoped when I started, but despite everything, I had a good time. And I've met quite a few great people. Some of them I am happy to call friends today. One way or the other there are several people I just want to thank for being there for me in the past and doing for me what they did. I really appreciate the support I've gotten through you people and I hope you know who you are.
But I also want to thank the silent supporters.

Now for the important part: A Raffle! Because of this I haven't been able to prepare the raffle yet. But it should be there within the next days I hope.

About this picture: For my 4th anniversary, the first one I celebrate, I wanted to make a group pic of all my OCs that I drew at least once already. Good thing I haven't been as productive the last year as I wanted. That picture would have been more crowded >.>
If you are curious, below I will add some trivia to the characters and their creation.
In the picture I wanted Jess to be in the middle. For one thing she kinda is my mascot. Also I see it as her birthday, too.

All the characters and the art © Kinaj 

(the one on all my icons): My Fursona. Me as a dog or how I wouldn't mind to be. As a dog. He wasn't my first character. It took me a while to create him. I didn't really know as what I would identify myself. I liked dogs. Nick should literally be me as a dog, hair, colours (although he is more yellowish), tufts where a human has...tufts. In my first try he would have looked nearly the same, but with blue fur patterns. I scratched that. Didn't really look good. Also he started with more combed hair, but I fluffed that up.

Jess(behind the cake. You should know her): She isn't my first character either. I drew a picture that was rather non conish, and Tania back then was too fragile to me for that kind of stuff. I wanted a character that can take a pounding, physically and emotionally. And that's how our beloved slutty girl came to be. She became Tania's daughter because idk and I wanted to have a dalmatian for this after all. But I didn't want Pongo and Perdita so her dad became a black lab. I thought they fit well together and the outcome would be quite right as well, and I was right with that.

Tamara(leaning against the labrador, pink collar, holding her brother): Tamara is one of Jess' sisters. She isn't as pervy and horny as her sister, but rather just cute and lovely. A bit naive maybe.

Kim(black girl next to Nick): She is also a sister of Jess. She isn't as horny either, but more than Tamara. Also she is my so far only fully lesbian. Also more tomboyish. That's why her tag is the venus symbol. As she grew up, she always tried to hang with the girls, but often rather ended up with the boys. So as playmates. Since she was rather boyish as well as I said. The tag should kinda symbolise for her she is a girl after all.

Dominik(shy boy held by Tamara,left bottom corner): A brother of Jess. He is more introverted. A lot actually. He often blends out the outside world and lives in his own. I thought about him being somewhat autistic. But for dogs. I am not sure. He ain't normal, that's for sure.

Mike(behind Dominik, green collar): Also a brother of the siblings. We saw him several times already. Jess tried to hit on him several times already, kinda has a crush on him, but he just isn't into that. He loves her, but not like this. But don't let your first impression, resulting from these pics, fool you. He is actually a tough boy when it comes to others but his female family members. Just like his dad.

Ben(held by the anthro guy, green collar): Another sibling. Jess but as boy. I only drew him into that first sibling assembly. Didn't keep that design. Love this one more. Struggled long to give him a proper character. Now he basically comes after his mother and his sister, Jess. Just as boy. But not like an exact copy of course. Got to work that out.

Tania(the dalmatian feral): My very first character. Obviously I had a crush on Perdita and Tania was highly inspired by Perdita, except that I adapted her character. She isn't like the devoted 60s wife Perdita from the original movie and she isn't the cheating slut as the Perdita you get in most r34 art today. A good mix. Really tried hard to work that out.

Jack(black lab): Tania's mate. Jess father. First I wanted to get another dalmatian as Tania's mate, but didn't want Perdita and Pongo as stated above, and so it became Jack. Labs and especially black labs are one of my favourite breeds just like dalmatians.

Jeffrey(the squirrel): I am not sure again why I made him, but he should become something like a side kick for Jess. Not sure yet how he fits into that, but they sure are going to be friends.

Sabrina(the goose): You see, only need a one-night-stand with Nick and are in the cast. Only made her as random character for that one interspecies series, but then I kept her because I thought she was kinda cute back then and I need animals living on Sarah's farm. A goose would fit good there I thought and think.

Cody(Saluki feral): I also don't know anymore how I got to him. I wanted to make that joke about how he looks girly but oh shit, it's a boy. Later then I made him a jerk. Quite evilish. He is going to be an enemy, even for Jess.

Nathan(the anthro guy holding Ben): I created him because I yet needed an anthro guy. Kinda made her without binding him to any excisting breed. He should be a friend to Sarah and Jess and sometimes join them in their fun. But now, thanks to that picture, I want to couple him with ben the way I've coupled Jess and Sarah. Somewhat of a mix of bff, lovers, pet and master(whoever is the pet and who the master),

Sarah(the human): Created her because I wanted a human woman to play around with Jess because I really like f/f feral with non feral. Idk how exactly I got to it, but I wanted her in the role of a vet and I already had the picture in mind of a blonde, friendly girl with pony tail and fringe.
Long before I already had the idea of a TV series like Star Trek, but for kids that would be Tania's and human Nick's favourite show when they grew up. It's about a few certain crew members of a space ship, like in Star Trek, but each person has their own dog. There was a blonde, cute science officer with pony tail. She had a female pit bull. I even sketched that pitbull I think. However, that woman was pretty much a first Sarah.

Mica(the grey greyhound anthro): I once drew that picture of the three greyhounds on the podium. I just had to keep Mica cause she is so cute and I of course went on, thinking about character and background and all.

Zoe(the black/white greyhound anthro): Same as with Mica, but took a bit longer.

Greyhound No.3(the third greyhound anthro): Same story but much later. I didn't flesh out her character yet. She would probably only come up when there is a scene with the racing team.

Stuart(the beagle): Created him because Beagles are cute and I wanted one. He was a good friend of Jack even before he got together with Tania. But I just didn't really see him well in that story/setting. Instead then I moved him into his own setting with a few other ferals. You will sooner or later find out what that setting is.

Maya(brindle greyhound feral): Also a random character from a picture I was brought to (people bring me onto greyhound pictures). I had to keep. She is rather outgoing and lovely, like Jess, just not as pervy. Didn't get her into my normal settings very well, so I moved her together with Stuart into their own setting.

Sia(grey greyhound feral): Same as with Maya. I see the two as sisters, even though probably not genetically. She is rather introverted and reluctant, opposing ot her sister there.

Greta(great dane): Cause I love Great Danes. She should be something like a mother for Tania. Idk, couldn't really integrate her into that setting as well. Moved her together with Stuart and the greyhounds into that new setting.

Alex(orange haired wolf anthro): My first anthro I drew digitally. She went through quite a change. From the shy, experimental girl to the tough cop to the tough cop who is shy and experimental with sexual or social stuff in general. Gave her several things I really adored back then, like that orange tuft you know where ;3

Marie(chubby choco lab): I honestly can't remember how I got to her exactly, but I also like choco labs, didn't have a chubby anthro girl yet...I kinda created her as Alex neighbour I think, helping her overcome that shyness. She is rather relaxed herself. Not that sexual, but comfy. Very comfy, if you know what I mean.

Leon(gsd with the buttoned shirt): Not sure how I got to him. A shy, introverted, classical loser boy.

Anna(the bottom anthro dalmatian): After I couldn't get rid of that striper YCH, I set a random character into it. A dalmatian of course. Loved her. Kept her. My first character that's not evil, but not exactly a sweetheart either. Don't let her trick you with her niceness. She wants to reach something with it. Yet her character goes way deeper.

Sophia(on the shoulders of Anna): She kinda came as extension to Anna. Giving her sister some deepness. She herself again is just a sweetheart. Maybe not always easy. Just like her sis.

Super Saluki(the saluki in the suit): Took him from that working naked day sketch page. Just needed to keep him. Gonna be part of a Super Hero universe. Unlike my other settings it shall not be fully serious, more light hearted.

(german shepherd on the left with the evil look): Pure evil. Needed an enemy. Got an enemy. Made him a super enemy. Imagine yourself Q from Star Trek as sadistic asshole. He can also shift his appearences, but he prefers a gsd, either anthro or feral.



Colliefan · 27/06/2018 22:49 · 6 Replies

What a nice way to mark your 4th year. I'm coming up on my 10th next year as it was nearly 10 years ago I joined Yiffstar now Sofurry (2009). I like all your characters and I always wanted to see Super Saluki again, I watched Hancock a number of years back and I could see him having the same wardrobe malfunction (IE his lower suit burnt off showing his doghood) after rescuing someone from a fire like Hancock did. Here's to another 4 years Kinaj. 

Kinaj · 27/06/2018 23:01

That's quite some time. Hope to reach that at least as well and hope to have you around then still as well.
There sure gonna be more Super Saluki in the future. I even already have an idea about how just gets called out of bed with his side kick, probably a female collie, and he is still hard and of course doesn't fit into the suit like this or bulges it and he has to hurry out. but he sure will rip his suit as well or burn it or idk. Got to say, haven't ever watched Hancock fully, so can't remember such a sceen, but got to rewatch it to see that.

Colliefan · 27/06/2018 23:09

Thanks, its been a long road. Nice, two breeds I love together. Its when he's trying to clean up Hancock's image and shows him all the youtube vids of Hanock and one is of him pushing in line at an ice cream van and the butt part of his outfit is burnt away scaring the kids. This is it, although I could see a certain Saluki showing his sheath as well.

Kinaj · 27/06/2018 23:11

Oh yes, I see x3

Kinaj · 27/06/2018 23:12

Might happen. We will see. Though he Addie already in general would have it hard to hide his goods with such a tight suit

Colliefan · 27/06/2018 23:13

I laughed so hard when I first saw that and your Saluki just reminded me of it.

Colliefan · 27/06/2018 23:15

Although there's a difference between outline bulge and fully on show. Still I look forward of seeing more of your upcoming works. 

THECAGDL · 28/06/2018 01:32 · 2 Replies

Very nice!

Kinaj · 28/06/2018 08:57

Thank you!

THECAGDL · 28/06/2018 12:13

You're welcome!

Verlock Teldraken · 28/06/2018 18:40 · 1 Reply

Wonderful ♥  Thank you for, bringing us much great art and happiness ♥  I wish you the greatest happiness in all the things in your life ♥

Kinaj · 28/06/2018 18:47

Thank you very much^^ Hope to keep this going for manymany more years :3

SmartWhitefang · 28/06/2018 23:07 · 1 Reply

Congratulations ^^

Kinaj · 29/06/2018 00:26

Thank you^^



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