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Something hot and for the summer, now that the summer is nearly over.

Last year I already wanted to draw sfw swimsuit stuff for my characters, but like this year I didn't get to do it before the end of summer. Although I am now working on something at least for two characters. Others will come next year.

This one however got created as I at first couldn't decide on how to do the swimwear pic for Anna, but therefore this hot summer pic came to my mind. Turned out really great. Quite happy with it.

Anna, Art © Kinaj 

Colliefan · 7 months ago · 4 Replies

Love the view. I would've thought with canine anatomy tight fitting denim would be uncomfortable? 

Verlock Teldraken · 7 months ago

I guess it would be all in the cut of the jeans :)

Colliefan · 7 months ago

I can't remember if she's more human or more dog when it comes to genitalia? I guess she would need a pocket or space sewn in the seat if she has a dogina, that would make a pretty visible dent in her jeans. 

Kinaj · 7 months ago

She has human anatomy. The only thing I could imagine to be uncomfy is the fur, but can't take that serious in my human like anthros. But I can't imagine that there would be much difference with a cookie instead. Maybe making it a bit wider like on male pants and underwear.

Colliefan · 7 months ago

I see and thanks for explaining.

Verlock Teldraken · 7 months ago · 2 Replies

Now I am wondering about some Camel toe action ♥

Verlock Teldraken · 7 months ago

Or cookie toe as it were ;)

Kinaj · 7 months ago

Here cameltoe, hehe. Never done that. With her just a question of time I guess ;3



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