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[b]Being a small, remote town you don't often see strangers at the midsummer festival, but there she is. It's been almost a year since you met under the old tree by the lake, so long you were thinking you'd never see her again, but despite the long green evening gown her fur patterns are unmistakable. You've never seen a non-anthro wear full clothes before, and it makes her even more irresistible. How did she even manage to put that on...

"You stare at all girls like that, or just the four-legged ones?"

While you were gawking she closed the distance, jumping up to deliver a lick on your nose and a whisper in your ear, "I was hoping to run into you again."

The evening rushes by, a blur of talking and teasing and too much groping for polite company. As darkness sets in she gets up, sauntering away from the light and noise of celebration toward the far side of the lake. The scent of drink and food begin to fade, leaving a tantalizing musk you hadn't noticed before, beckoning you to follow closer. You realize where she's taking you as her pace speeds up. Before long you're both sprinting, a race to the tree you remember so well.

Somehow she beats you there, more agile even with a long gown obstructing her legs. She flops down at the base of the tree, panting with exertion and grinning with satisfaction. Rolling onto her back, spreading her legs, the fabric hangs just a little too low and she says,

"Now, help me out of this dress."[/quote]

Addition to the previous picture. We worked on Jess fur pattern and Nonfinite saw how it looked like a summer dress. And...well...there it is. Looking awesome. That necklace alone is a really nice adaption. It btw is a hint to a hidden easter egg in the picture(not the tag itself), but you probably won't see it with this resolution anyway I am afraid.

Yes, this is really fantastic!

Here is the original. Face this!

Jess © Kinaj 
Art, Short Story © Nonfinite

Colliefan · 9 months ago · 6 Replies

Feral dog in a dress, that's new and Jess makes it look good.

Kinaj · 9 months ago

I am not sure if I would be ok with her making it in, but if somebody could do that, then it's her.

Colliefan · 9 months ago

Ferals in your universe wearing clothes and anthros in my universe wearing only collars. I'm sure there's no shortage of volunteers wanting to help her. 

Kinaj · 9 months ago

I think she would rather appreciate anthros stopping to wear anything in her universe as well instead of ferals starting to wear stuff. Although even somebody like her likes strip teases of any kind.

Colliefan · 9 months ago

Yep and doing a slow sexy strip with a collar isn't as much fun as a full outfit. Jess is so naughty.

Kinaj · 9 months ago

Oh, I would even say that. If you do it right. Also consider how much more naked a dog looks without collar.

Colliefan · 9 months ago

Very true.

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