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It is a beautiful and warm summer day. No clouds on the wide, blue sky. The schools are closed during the summer break and Anna was free today.
Together the sisters packed a little basket with snacks and drinks and then Anna took Sophia to the local lake.
It's not even noon yet, but the sun is already burning hot. Later this day the lake will be a hot spot for people spending the warm day. Now though it's still rather quiet.
While Anna enjoyed the sun warming her shiny fur, Sophia made use of the little pond of sand at the lake shore and build a sand castle. Anna watched her little sister.
It was fun and the two spotty girls enjoyed each others company. And as the temperatures climbed their way up over the 30, it became time for a well needed refreshing in the water.

Some time ago, last summer I think, I wanted to draw swim suit scenes with all my characters. Guess I've started to late, could only finish Anna and Sophia and it's only barely summer anymore. Although today is a bit of a more summery day.

On the background I've been inspired by Nonfinite's latest picture(s). Especially the lake. Mind the reflection on the slightly wavey water. Also the reflection in the Kiosk window.
I also tried to andvance my shading.

Oh, mind the scenes in the background. Will you notice something?

Sophia and Anna, Art © Kinaj 

Colliefan · 9 months ago · 2 Replies

Nice pic. I never could understand the swimwear on wet fur thing. Faved.

Kinaj · 9 months ago

Thinking about it, I wonder how much difference there actually is between clothes on wet fur and on wet, strong human body hair. But again it's the alternative furry universe. This just works there. And thank you!^^

Colliefan · 9 months ago

I guess like wearing a wet T shirt on thick human head hair. But to be honest the only way nude would've worked would be if you made them genderless or had them positioned in such a way nothing showed. I think the swimsuits are a better option for a clean pic as long as you don't overthink it like I have. You're welcome. 

Verlock Teldraken · 9 months ago · 1 Reply

This is very cute ♥

Kinaj · 9 months ago

Thank you^^



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