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The first version is the original and shows a more legit image of the Neora setting. I just did a clean version so I can post it in places where I can't post the nude version.

[b]Thanks to mearcu  I came to this idea.

Also, one of my first pictures of anthros from my Neora setting where they are more animal like.

Also, I wanted this to be with three random characters, but now at least the middle one is now one of my OCs. I call her Mica :P
Dunno what will be with the others. Maybe random characters to re-use.

In the Neora setting people are a bit more open about stuff like nudity. Especially anthros. Not all of them are so good with being nude in public, but more are than today for sure. Still, people in general are still clothed.
But then there are events like this where *most* athletes are nude, or in this case, only wear clothes where it is needed.

So much about this for now.[/quote]

Mica, Art © Kinaj 

Colliefan · 02/07/2016 19:35 · 2 Replies

I like this, I like the tail twitch most of all.

Kinaj · 02/07/2016 19:39

I know. So cute.

Colliefan · 02/07/2016 19:40


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