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Since Sarah is Bavarian and the Oktoberfest in Munich just started, I thought about drawing her in a dirndl.

Sarah, Jess and Nick about to go to the Oktoberfest and Nick shoots a picture of the two girls before they leave Sarah's place. That was my though behind this very picture.

I experimented a bit more with that other colouring style and I just LOVE how this turned out. Dunno if this could have turned out with flats and shading like I do it normally. The light-dark-contrast is a bit low with this style. But with a bit more practise I should be able to make this better as well.

Jess and Sarah, Art © Kinaj 

Colliefan · 20/09/2016 12:51 · 3 Replies

Nice work, maybe your best yet. Its making me want an ale now.

Kinaj · 20/09/2016 13:00

It probably really is. Even though it's quite some work, I wanna continue in this style if possible. It really makes a huge difference.

Colliefan · 20/09/2016 13:00

I look forward to seeing that.

Kinaj · 20/09/2016 13:05

Me too x3

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